Central Mongolia Winter tour /6 days/

Embark on a brief but enriching journey to the ancient capital of Karakorum, where the remnants of the once-mighty Mongol Empire whisper tales of bygone glory. Karakorum's fate was sealed by internal conflicts, with its stones repurposed to shape the walls of the Erdene Zuu Monastery. In a realm of nomads, where impermanence defined cities

Central Mongolia winter tour/4 days/

Embark on an extraordinary winter expedition in Mongolia, where the splendor of the season unfolds in a captivating tapestry of glittering white snow, crisp fresh air, and the gentle caress of winter sun. This immersive winter tour invites you into the heart of Mongolian nomadic life, where the warmth of traditional gers awaits, offering a cozy sanctuary amidst the frosty landscape.

Hunting with Eagle tour /7 days/

Experience the ancient art of falconry in the vast expanse of the Western Mongolian steppe, a tradition meticulously upheld by the Kazakh people. Nestled in the heart of contemporary Mongolia, particularly in the Bayan-Ölgii region, Kazakh falconers engage in the time-honored practice of hunting with majestic golden eagles

Mongolia Sledding dogs tour /5 days/

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Mongolian Sledding Dogs Tour, available from the middle of November until the beginning of April. This unique expedition takes you deep into the heart of Mongolia's Terelj and Khentii National Parks, where you'll discover the pristine beauty of winter landscapes and witness the nomadic way of life.