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Golden Eagle festival - 2018

Travel to Mongolia - Kazakhs (Altaic Kazakhs or Altai-Kazakhs) living in Bayan-Ölgii Province of Mongolia continue to hunt with eagles today. There are an estimated 250 eagle hunters in the Western Mongolian province. Their falconry custom, so-called 'horse-riding eagle falconry', is unique in practice only with trained Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos daphanea) on horseback.

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Nomads lifestyle and Photography tour

Travel to Mongolia - Mongolia, the ancient realm of Genghis Khan, has emerged from the shadow of Communism and is now open to the world. Meet one of the last nomadic cultures on earth, where a traditional way of life endures as it did a millennium ago.

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Hiking & Horse riding tour

Travel to Mongolia - Located in the remotest corner of the most pristine and wildest country in the world, Tavan Bogd trek offers a rich cultural experience and brings you through green meadows, icy gorges, clear lakes, rushing streams, lush alpine pastures, snow capped peaks, vast glaciers and vast moraines.

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Gobi Desert tour

Travel to Mongolia - We head into the Gobi area. The sites of the Gobi are varied and unique, like the valley at Yoliin Am, known as Eagle Valley, whose depths support huge glacial sheets that remain until the hot summer months, or the massive sand dunes. Of great interest to foreign travelers and scientists alike are the dinosaur remains scattered throughout the Gobi.

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Fishing tour in Western Mongolia

Travel to Mongolia - The rivers and lakes of Bayan-Olgii are stocked full of trout, salmon, and other freshwater fish. Fly fishing and ice fishing are especially popular. All of Bayan-Olgii drains into the Great Lakes depression of Mongolia, and is a self contained watershed. There are 5 species of fish that inhabit this watershed including the Taimen, Lenok Trout, Osman, Grayling, and Pike.

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The best time to travel to Mongolia

THE CLIMATE IN MONGOLIA: If you are planning to travel in Mongolia, one of the important things to do is considering the weather and climate. The following information will help you plan your trip. Mongolia has 4 seasons and they are very different. Winter lasts from November to February, spring from March to mid-May, summer from mid-May till late August, and autumn is in September and October. The cold weather in the north can last a month or two longer than the Gobi areas. So pack your woolens if you trotting here. Mongolia can experience four seasons in a day. With more than 260 sunny days a year, Mongolia is known as the 'Land of the Blue Sky'. Mongolia experiences extreme continental climate; it is so far inland that no sea tempers its climate. As you travel in Mongolia, keep the climate in mind.


Right time to travel is in mid-May. Early May can still see snowfall, especially in the north and western. June weather is good and usually dry throughout the central and southern regions. The Altai mountains and northern areas can be cold. July is the time to see the Naadam Festival. This is also the peak tourist season. It's a decent time to look for travel partners and get out of the city. Gobi temperatures this month can rise up to 40°C and Western Mongolia temperatures is 28°C.


The cold season is between November and February. The harsh weather condition with snow storms and freezing cold wind in Mongolia is called zud. Sometimes the temperature drops down to -40°C. When the weather is stable and nice, attending the Ice Festival, Camel Festival, Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) and Hunting with Eagle will be an amazing experience. You will also get to feel how real Mongolians survive the cold winters. Mongolians, especially nomads, contemplate March and April as the worst months. If the spring is harsh, staying with a nomad family at this time is not recommended.


This is one of the best times to travel in Mongolia. September is another okay month. The cool weather brings respite to the Gobi and the varying colours in the forests in the Western Mongolia are beautiful. October is again cool and sees the occasional or rare snow bustle up Western Mongolia but is still fine for travel, especially in the Gobi desert. Weather patterns at this time are unpredictable. You never know one moment you're walking in a T-shirt, the next you need an overcoat and boots, and then you are back to T-shirts. October is the time to see the Golden Eagle Festival.


In spring when unpredictable weather creates snowstorms intermixed with spells of wind and sun, keep in mind that the wind-chill factor: a 10-knot wind can make 0°C feel like -5°C. The maximum rainfalls occur in the taiga areas beside the northern border, especially Altai mauntains, Khentii and Khovsgol. Humidity is generally zero and sunshine is intense. Attending the Nauryz Festival and Hunting with Eagle will be an amazing experience.

The Festivals of Mongolia

Mongolian festivals take place throughout the year and are mostly celebrations of Mongolian Culture. Here are some of our favourite Mongolian festivals and celebrations.

Nauryz festival

The Kazakh New Year’s celebration of Nauryz has been celebrated by Turkic and Iranian people for over 2000 years. It is the biggest holiday in the Kazakh year. The day corresponds to the spring equi[...]

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Naadam festival

Naadam is a traditional festival in Mongolia. The festival is also locally termed "eriin gurvan naadam" (эрийн гурван наадам) "the three games of men". This is Eastern version of oly[...]

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Gobi Camel Festival

The Camel Festival. Gloriously, this event is officially billed as the “Thousand Camel Festival” and it certainly lives up to its name! The Bactrian, known as the “ship of the Gobi”, is the un[...]

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Khovsgol Ice Festival

Mongolia's Winter Festivals March is normally the month of two infamous and popular festivals. Due to severe winter weather conditions, either one or other or both, can be cancelled at short noti[...]

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Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian Lunar New Year)

New Year's Eve in Mongolia While we in the UK observe New Year’s Eve on 31st December with little more ceremony than a prossecco-fuelled rendition of Auld Lang Syne at midnight, in our three de[...]

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Golden eagle festival-2018 /Eagle hunting/

History of hunting with Eagle During the communist period in Kazakhstan, many Kazakhs fled for Mongolia,settling down in Bayan Ulgii, an area that has been designated for the Kazakhs of Mongolia today[...]

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Travel to Mongolia - Mongolian travel agency

We are leading travel agent in Mongolia for outgoing tourism in Mongolia for individual or group travelers. Established in 2002 and we have wealth of experience in providing package tours, as well as tailor made tours and accommodation services to thousands of satisfied customers. Our very good knowledge of the area and best quality of the service and responsibility make us travelers first choice. We offer the full range of services, from visas and flights to accommodation, car hire and full package of holidays. We have high experience of organizing tours to all over the central Mongolia including legendary Gobi Desert.


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Hey, thanks for the cool tour and the great time in the Altai Mountains! We'll come back to Mongolia for sure :-) Konstantin Knauf
Gabi, thank you very much for the amazing tour trough entire Mongolia! We had an amazing time with Gabi in his precious "Russian Machine" (the Russian made off-road van). As two guys from the Netherlands overlanding to Shainghai, Gabi took us on a trip from Ulgii to Ulaanbaatar. Especially the poker nights, the Eagle hunting from horses, and the endless backstreet Boys songs, were very memorable! I strongly recommend Gabi to anyone wanting to discover Mongolia! He is an amazing Guy!Oscar Santegoeds
Gabiden Bolatbek out of Bayan-Olgii runs a great guide service with his family.He's friendly and super helpful.Joshua L. DeMotts

Join Our Fixed Tour in Western Mongolia

As part of sustainable tourism, our partners and we decided to inform each other availability of fixed trips, where still can join other tourists. Hope, it will help a tourists to organize their tour cheaper.

  • Golden Eagle Festival tour /10 days/

  • The price is negotiable
  • Tour duration 10 days
  • Start: 30th of September, 2018
  • End: 9th of October, 2018
  • Mongolia
  • Bayan-Ulgii province
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  • Summer Vacation in Mongolia (Gobi desert & Altai Mountains) tour /15 days/

  • The price is negotiable
  • Tour duration 15 days
  • Start: 4th of July
  • End: 21st of July
  • Mongolia
  • Gobi desert, Altai mountains
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  • Horseback in Altai mountains tour /9days/

  • The price is negotiable
  • Tour duration 9 days
  • Start: 28th of July
  • End: 7th of August
  • Mongolia
  • Altai mountains
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We have high experience of organizing tours to all over the central Mongolia including legendary Gobi Desert an Western Mongolia.

local guide and founder of the agency. He was working as expedition driver in western Mongolia since 2010

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He is a professional travel agent with master degree in Mongolian tourism and hospitality.

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Interpreter, Tour Guide

Our travel agency has been working with many eagle hunters and know how to make you happy by doing different activities with eagle such

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Master of Eagle training

He can be proud that he has been providing with safe driving for 10 years of Mongolian tourism destinations.

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Professional driver

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