Here are the most common questions asked by our travelers. Please follow the links to get the answers. If you cannot find your answers, please send us your questions via email or on our Kerege Travel facebook page. We will email you back with your answer, and update it on our website for other travelers.



Tourist Ger camp is traditional style accommodation with full service facilities, most commonly used in outside of the city. The Ger is a round structure of walls, poles and a peaked roof covered with canvas and felt, and tightened with ropes.
Tourist Ger camp – has consists with 20-30 Gers (Mongolian traditional dwelling), restaurant, and some entertainment facilities, western style toilet and hot water showers. Each Ger has 2 to 4 beds and furnished with a table, chairs and wood-stove. Most visitors prefer to stay in Ger, which provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and adventure, their most enjoyable experience in Mongolia.



What is the best time to go? 
The best time to visit Mongolia is during the Mongolian summer, from the mid of June till last week of August.  This is the safest time of the year to travel to Mongolia in terms of weather, sunny days throughout Mongolia and sufficient rainfall to make the steppes lush and green. 
June and September are both very pleasant times to visit Mongolia. September, autumn is enjoyable, colorful, not hot, and not cold. Nomads have plenty of dairy products and are busy processing milk and preparing for winter. Beautiful countryside of Mongolia is even more beautiful and picturesque with the autumn colors.

Months to Best:

  • July is the best time to see the Mongolia Naadam Festival.
  • The best season for Gobi Desert tour: from June to September and October is shoulder season.
  • July to August is the best season to travel to Northern Mongolia and Khuvsgul Lake tour and September is shoulder season.
  • First of October is chance to see Golden Eagle Festival in Altai, Western Mongolia.
  • February is the best time to experience Mongolia winter season.

What months in Mongolia are consider green Peak Season (High Season), Shoulder Season, and Low Season? 
Generally and traditionally, the Peak Season refers to July and August; the Shoulder Season refers to May, June, September and October; the Low Season refers to January, February, March, April, November and December.



What meal is included? What is the restaurant like?
We select restaurants based on our experiences, client satisfaction, location and cuisine. Normally we include three meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) each day during the whole trip.
In Ulaanbaatar, you can expect a good variety of quality restaurants with international foods. Breakfasts usually are served in western style at the hotel where you stay in Ulaanbaatar.
We mostly use following restaurants for lunch & dinner in the city trip: “Modern Nomads”, “bd’s Mongolia Barbeque”, “City Nomads”,  “Khaan Ger” and hotel restaurants for dinner where you stay. Lunch & dinners are m& served in Western food, and sometimes Mongolian food, or a combination.
Outside of th
we generally eat breakfast and dinner in tourist Ger camp and some day of longer trip take a packed lunch. Your packed lunch will be carried in appropriate containers to prevent spillage or spoiling. Ger camps serve both Mongolian and international foods, and there will usually be a choice of main dish.

Any problem for a western tourist in Mongolia?
about it. Mongolian and Western cuisines are both available throughout Mongolia. If you require special meals due to religious or medical limitation, please inform us so that arrangements can be made in advance.

will you provide vegetarian (including no chicken / seafood) meals for me?
make the arrangement according to your requirements. So if you have any special requirements on your food, please let us know so that we can inform the restaurants beforehand to meet your needs.



We use camping tent for some of our remotest trip, places no tourist Ger camps or local hotels. 
Mongolia offers fantastic camping possibilities in beautiful landscapes.
On all of our camping trips we provide our guests with high quality 2-3 people’s tents, mattresses and other necessary camping equipment. No formal toilet or shower facilities will be available. You will use a sheltered hole for toilet and sheltered shower. Also, we will provide you with water for washing up.
camping days, we usually send vehicle support with expedition cook for group tour. 
e group is less than 7 travelers may not be accompanied by a cook. In this case, the guides and drivers will be cooking for you. All our guides have had basic cooks training, but not all of them are great chefs, so if you feel like, they will be happy to let you assist them. On expeditions where there is no vehicle support, there will be dried and canned foods available, but fresh fruits and vegetables often cannot be transported beyond the first couple days. For groups of more than 6 travelers, we usually send a cook, which in this case you shouldn’t worry – the food will be just great! Please let us know if you have any food preferences or restrictions, or if you are following a special diet.



What gift would you recommend us to bring to Mongolia?
Our tours designed to enhance your learning, discovery, and people to people experience. For instance, all of our tours include a home visit in nomadic families and explore their daily lifestyle. If you would like to bring some gifts to them, suggested items include Swiss pocket knives, flash light for man, some candies, small toys, crayons/color pencils for house wife and kids are just as fine. Whatever gift you choose to present, the recipient will be most grateful.


Can I bring my laptop, iPad, or iPhone when travelling Mongolia?
Internet access is available at almost all hotels on your Kerege Travel Mongolia itinerary. In most of hotels you can access free Wi-Fi internet. Outside of the city, some of tourist Ger camps offer little charged or free internet access. So you may want to bring your own laptop. 
We recommend you bring a converter to Mongolia. As throughout Mongolia, the AC power standard is 220V/50Hz. So you may use the converter for 110-volt electrical appliance. Usually the four and five star hotels provide adapters, but we still suggest you bring a converter.


What are the appropriate clothes for travel in Mongolia?
Mongolia is a vast country with various climates and four distinct seasons. Thus traveler may need to pack different clothes at different seasons. But weather patterns at any time can change rapidly. One minute you’re walking around in a T-shirt and sandals, next you need an overcoat and boots, then its back to T-shirts. This is especially the case during autumn and spring. 
suggest you check the climate of your travel season, month and then choose the appropriate clothes. In most cases you will not need to bring towels as you will be provided in the hotels and tourist Ger camps. In general, you should take the easily dry clothes and prepare the umbrella for a rainy day. In addition, we suggest you also bring along a first aid kit with the common used medicines.



What type of accommodation will we be staying in? 
According to the Mongolian rating system, 2- 5 star hotels are approved to receive foreign guests.
Our accommodations are carefully chosen, based on our research, our experience, and feedback from clients, to provide the best combination of high-quality accommodations, affordability, and convenient location.
We give clients the opportunity to stay in a wide range of accommodation, depending on tour from 3* to 5* hotels in cities and best tourist Ger camps in countryside trip.


Does hotel staff speak English? 
Most staff working face-to-face with customers in 5-star hotels can speak English well. As for those working in 4-star and 3-star ones that contracted with Kerege Travel, English is not a barrier for simple conversation. It’s suggested ask the clerk at the front desk for help if anything needed. They will be happy to help you.


What time can I check in and check out of the hotel?
Generally, the earliest check-in time of the hotel is 14:00 pm, and the latest check-out time is 12:00 am at noon. When you need to check in early, you please let us know in advance because the earliest check-in time is dependent on whether the room is vacant or not on the day when you arrive, and the late check-out time may charge extra money.


We are a family of 4 with two young kids. What type of room we will get for our Mongolia tour?
Hotels in Mongolia can accommodate a maximum of 3 in one room due to local fire codes. We will get two separate rooms for your family based on two double occupancy rooms. We will request adjoining rooms, which has limited availability in Mongolia hotels, or rooms next to each other.


What facilities and services do our hotels normally provide?
All hotels on your Mongolia trip have a Foreign Currency Exchange Service, a business center with access to the Internet and fax, postal service, gym, sauna and massage service and International Direct Dialing telephone in your room. You may also find a hair dryer, iron, converter, and adaptor (subject to limited supplies) with housekeeping. Some of 4 and 5 star hotels have swimming pools.


Can I store excess luggage at the starting point hotel if we are returning there later? 
Most starting point hotels can store your excess luggage for you with free of charge.


Do I need to bring a power plug adapter when I come to Mongolia?
Keep in mind that Mongolia uses 220V electricity, which is higher than that western countries use. A power plug adapter will do you great favor if you want your electronic products run properly during your Mongolia stay. What to do if forgot to pack it in your bag? Don’t worry. Adapter or converter is easy to get everywhere in Mongolia just by turning to your tour guide or the hotel staff.…



What is Mongolian Currency?
The official currency is the Tugrug (MNT=₮). Denominations come in 20.000₮, 10.000₮, 5.000₮, 1.000₮, 500₮, 100₮, 50₮, 20₮ and 10₮. Visitors are advised to carry credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Union Pay– and traveler’s checks that can be accepted by most hotels and major stores and can be exchanged for cash of MNT.