Naadam Festival tour /4 DAYS/

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Although the event happens in Ulaanbaatar, every village and province celebrates the Naadam festival in their own way.
Just like Brazil’s Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Germany’s Oktoberfest, our Naadam festival is our most popular and largest celebration here in Mongolia. Because of its significance and exoticness, we see more people come to take part in year after year.
During this three-day festival, there are tournaments of three traditional Mongolian sports – horse racing, archery, and wrestling taking place. The festival’s opening ceremony is the highlight with many shows and artistic performances.
Almost everyone dresses in their most beautiful and traditional outfits known as ‘Deel’, which are created in rich colors. Even though the main event is held in Ulaanbaatar, it is celebrated all over the country. 

Tour itinerary
  • Day 1/July 9/ - Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia
    Arrive Mongolia, Pick you up our driver and guide from Chinggis Khan international airport. Drive to Your hotel. Visit local outdoor market /bazaar/, Gandan Monastery and Mongolia national museum. After lunch You will visit to Chinggis Khan statue complex. Over night at Hotel
  • Day 2/July 10/ - Naadam festival, Preview
    Preview day of the Naadam: Depending on the program at that time, you will enjoy the military parade, traditional costume show “Deeltei Mongol” and State Banner Raising Ceremony on central square. The first round of archery and ankle bone shooting competition takes place in the central stadium. You will enjoy a live Traditional Folklore music and dance performance before dinner. Discuss with your guide where to start. Meet in Ulaanbaatar. You will go out with your guide to see the preview of the Naadam Festival. You will visit the horse-racing arena to watch a race of foals and archery, “Shagai” shooters. You can enjoy a national folklore performance.
  • Day 3/July 11/ - First day of Naadam festival, Ceremony
    Main event day: At Central square, 9 o’clock, Chinggis Khaan’s 9 knights will carry the State Nine Banners on the horseback and take them to the Naadam Court. After the official Opening Ceremony in the Central Stadium at 11 o’clock, stay around the Naadam court and enjoy 3 manly games: wrestling, archery and ankle bone shooting games. Get soaked into the holiday atmosphere, grab food and enjoy around our traditional culture.
  • Day 4/July 12/ - Second day of Naadam festival, Horse race
    According to the fact, The Mongols always celebrated The Naadam in the countryside. Today we will drive to the horse racing court “Khui doloon khudag”, which is located in west side of Ulaanbaatar. Be ready for the real experience and see how passionate the locals are when the racing horses rush into the finish line. Horses are our symbolic animals that we have been breeding for thousands of years. Racing horses are divided in 6 age division and you will see 1 or 2 divisions today. Discuss the timing with your guide.
  • Day 5/July 13/ - Home sweet home
    Leave Ulaanbaatar. Our driver drop off to Chinggis Khan international airport. Thank you for visiting our country
Tour route
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar > Chinggis Khan statue
    Distance: 40km
    Time: 1 hours
  • Day 2, 3 - Naadam festival days
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
  • Day 4 - Ulaanbaatar > Khui Doloon Khudag
    Distance: 20km
    Time: 1 hours
  • Day 5 - Home sweet home
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
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