Mongolian Wild-Nature photography tour /6 days/

Short description

We are sure that, this special photography tour will give you a grand pack with exciting adventures and amazing shooting. Even it is only 4 days, the landscapes are a perfect challenge to your creative photo interests. We are offering you the chance to get thousands of amazing photos in the magnificent Semi Gobi Desert. This is a great wilderness adventure that targeted landscapes with beautiful dunes and rocky mountain background, camels, and nomads.

Tour itinerary
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia
    Pick you up our driver and guide from Chinggis Khan international airport. Drive to Your hotel. Visit local outdoor market /bazaar/, Gandan Monastery and Mongolia national museum. Evening Leisure day in Ulaanbaatar city. Over night at Hotel
  • Day 2 - Khustai Nuruu national park
    Great wildlife photography can be a result of being in the right place at the right time. Do you agree? Our first destination is Khustai National Park, to 100km east of Ulaanbaatar. Khustai National Park is one of the Mongolian national parks, well known as home to Przewalski’s horses- the last truly wild horses on earth
  • Day 3 - Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes
    On our second day, heading to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes, about 213 km far from Khustai National Park, it is a magnificent place to create portraits of wildlife landscape Photography. Due to Sand dunes picturesque combination of Gobi Desert, green land, and rocky mountain filled with wildlife, we advise you to use wide-range zoom lenses for “wildlife in the landscape” photos and be more creative in your image composition. No matter the time of day, the beautiful and ever-changing scene of this majestic sand dune Elsen Tasarkhai will be full of wildlife, energy, and motion.
  • Day 4 - Orkhon valley via Karakorum city and Erdene Zuu monastery
    Within 3rd day, the next shooting spot is Orkhon Valley listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. You and your team find your own style of photography for Kharkhorin–the ancient capital city of the Mongol Empire, oldest surviving monastery Erdene-Zuu, and other historically and naturally iconic landscape locations. These hidden gems are not that far from our previous destination Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dune, it is about 80km. All these places can be good practice, composition, and exposure lighting for historical shots, architecture shots, and great landscapes with resident wildlife
  • Day 5 - Ugii lake and Nomadic family
    We’ll also arrange and prepare everything ready for your photographs deep inside of Mongolia nomadic life and especially with a combination of your request, the interest of classic portrait, and cultural video showing the nomad’s costume and heritages which all give a real sense of their unique and unchanged lives for thousand years. Our photo spot is Ugii Lake, about 80km from our previous Kharkhorin, Orkhon Valley. After that, drive back to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 6 - Ulaanbaatar city capital city of Mongolia
    In the morning after breakfast, drive to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, and you will be transferred to your accommodation. End of tour.
  • Day 7 - Home sweet home
    Leave Ulaanbaatar. Our driver drop off to Chinggis Khan international airport. Thank you for visiting our country
Tour route
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
  • Day 2 - Ulaanbaatar > Khustai Nuruu
    Distance: 100km
    Time: 2 hours
  • Day 3 - Khustai Nuruu > Elsen Tasarkhai
    Distance: 180km
    Time: 3 hours
  • Day 4 - Elsen Tasarkhai > Karakorum
    Distance: 60km
    Time: 1 hours
  • Day 4 - Karakorum > Orkhon valley
    Distance: 120km
    Time: 2 hours
  • Day 5 - Orkhon valley > Ugii lake
    Distance: 240km
    Time: 5 hours
  • Day 6 - Ugii lake > Ulaanbaatar
    Distance: 360km
    Time: 5 hours
  • Day 7 - Home sweet home
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
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