Gobi Desert tour /10 days/

The Gobi desert – famous for its wealth of dinosaur fossils, one of the few remaining unscarred areas on earth, and the exotic home to many of the world’s endangered species (such as the wild ass, snow leopards, the Gobi bear)- welcomes you.
    The tour takes 7 days to cover the best travel destinations including Gobi desert- ancient home land of Dinosaurs, Khongor – towering sand dunes with green meadows; known as the singing sands, Sparsely habited: silence – endless vast steppe with dancing mirages, famous Bayanzag – flaming cliffs, most interesting National Parks – all these contrasts await you!
    Relaxing in wild nature and explore nomadic life style… driving, walking, camel riding and climbing to sand dunes are the main activities.

Day1. Arrival, Ulaanbaatar 

Upon arrival at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Day2. Ulaanbaatar – Hustai National Park 

Travel to Hustai Natural Park in the morning (about 5-6 hours’ drive). En route, you will learn about real Mongolian nomadic way of living, traditional custom and culture for the past period at a Mongol Nomadic tourist Ger Camp. Lunch will be served by Mongolian food in the camp. Afterward, you will drive to the Hustai National Park to run into the Przewalski wild horses, re-introduced back into the wild in their native grassland. Continue on to visit the local information center learning about the history of the last pure wild horses and the history of the area.In the evening, you will have a chance to take photos of these endangered horses and beautiful sceneries of the Mongolian mountain and steppe. Overnight in a ger camp. 

Day3. Hustai National Park – Kharakorum 

Travel to Karakorum (about 1-2 hours’ drive), the former capital city of a great land empire, established by Chinggis Khan. Spend some time to visit the oldest Buddhist Erdene Zuu Monastery and Karakorum Museum; both of them display some of the best works of religious art and architecture in Mongolia. Overnight in a ger camp. 

Day4. Karakorum – Ongi River Valley 

After breakfast, your trip continues on to the ruined Monastery of Ongi Temple nestled in the banks of the Ongi River. It is an amazing site to photograph the stretches across the valley, the ruins, river, ger camps, and the surrounding area. Overnight in a ger camp.

Day5.Ongi Steppe – Flaming Cliffs (Bayanzag) 

Today, you will drive through the huge open Ongi steppe to the Bayanzag. In the afternoon, you have free time to just enjoy walking around the camp. Later, you will take a short drive to photo the red cliffs as flaming at Bayanzag – is also a famous area for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs, bones and complete dinosaur skeletons. Overnight in a ger camp. 

Day6. Bayanzag – Khongor Sand Dunes 

Today, drive west to the extraordinary sand dunes of Khongor, where is a perfect place for camel riding. In the evening, you will climb up to the Singing Dune to take pictures of the surrounding area and amazing sunshine panorama of sand dunes. Overnight in a ger camp. 

Day7. Khongor – Yol Valley 

This morning, you will drive to the Yol Valley (about 3 hours), located in “Three beauties of Gobi” Mt. National Park. En route, visit a small Gobi village Bayandalai and interesting Dungenee Canyon. Here you will hike through grassy meadows, small streams, long and narrow valley, covered with wild flowers and Gobi plants. Overnight in a ger camp.

Day8. Yol Valley – Ulaanbaatar

This morning we have long drive to Ulaanbaatar, you will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival, you will driven to your hotel and relaxing at hotel

Day9. Ulaanbaatar city tour

After breakfast, you will start city tour. Your tour today starts from Gandan Monastery, the largest and most important monastery of Mongolia. Continue on to explore the National History Museum and Chinggis Square, where you will see the Parliament House, National Opera and City Hall. Later, climb up to the Zaisan Hill to get a great view of the city. Enjoy traditional dancing and khoomii (Mongolian throat singing) this evening. 

Day10. Ulaanbaatar, Departure 

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for onward flight back home. 

Group size

Price/Per person

1 pax


2-3 pax


4-6 pax


7-9 pax


10-12 pax


13-15 pax


16< pax



Include service

Exclude service

Include service of Meals


A Van 4×4 with a driver.

Items of personal nature

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Fuel for the trip for whole time

Beverages, alcoholic drinks, bar bills, laundry

Per day 3 bottle water for per person /1,5 liter/


English speaking guide

Travel and insurance

1 bottle wine during trip /0.75L/



International transportation

24 can of beer/0.5L/ during trip


All food, during the trip and at restaurants/Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner /

Excess baggage fee in the flight /15kg includes handbag is free of charge/

One time Mongolian traditional food  /lamb with vegetables/


All cooking and camping gears.

Optional activities


National park, Fishing license and border office permits (area you will go is close to China border)

Single supplement


Take you to Airports

Gratuity for the tour team


Camping equipment’s


Other small administration fees Basically, includes everything.


Pick you up from Chinggis Khan international airport 


This trip uses the highest level, latest model, air-conditioned private vans or 4WD vehicles for the maximum comfort on your touring days.



In Mongolia, you will be dining at fine American, European and Asian cuisine restaurants. Mutton, beef, rice and noodles form the basis of the Mongolian diet, so your meals will be based around this. However, the trail rations may include vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and sometimes yak! On some days there will be lunchboxes from tourist camps. It is good food and our experience has been that guests are happy with this arrangement. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian. Alcohol is not provided on the trip but tourists are free to bring their own.



A Chinese, English or Russian speaking Mongolian guide will accompany the group at all times. The guide will be a native Kazakh person with great local knowledge who can deal with any requests and ensure that your holiday to become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Also our guide good know fishing spots. 


Personal things to bring with you: 

Warm thin layers of clothing are the best such as bring a rain jacket, gloves and hiking booth. Don’t forgot first aid kit (medicine for headache, cold, diarrhea, runny nose; bandages; any medicine prescribed for you). All your camera equipment.


  • All our tours are flexible according to your wishes!