Gobi Desert short tour /5 DAYS/

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This tour includes major travel routes in the Southern Gobi desert, the Flaming cliffs at Bayanzag site following the trails of 1920’s American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, Khongor Els sand dunes – the largest sand dunes in Mongolia and Yolyn Am or Eagle valley famous for its stunning beauty and rich in flora and fauna.

Tour itinerary
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia
    Pick you up our driver and guide from Chinggis Khan international airport. Drive to Your hotel. Visit local outdoor market /bazaar/, Gandan Monastery and Mongolia national museum. Evening Leisure day in Ulaanbaatar city. Over night at Hotel
  • Day 2 - Yol valley
    We will pick you up from your accommodation, transfer to airport, and take flight to Dalanzadgad, provincial center of South Gobi province.Our team will meet you at Dalanzadgad airport, take a short city tour and have a lunch at local restaurant. Drive to Eagle Valley, well known as Yolyn Am. Eagle Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Gobi Gurvan Saihan Mountain National Park. It is completely shaded from the sun in some parts by high cliff walls, and valley is famous for the fact that there is ice present there even during the hot summer months. There you will hike 4-5 km into the depths of the valley. Instead of hiking, you can hire horse, which is offered by locals. Stay overnight in Ger camp.
  • Day 3 - Khongor sand dunes
    Travel to Khongor sand dunes, which is the largest sand dunes in Mongolia reach height of 300 m above the surrounding area at its highest, 5-35 km wide and 180 km long. Camel riding trip through the sand dunes. The tops of the dunes can be climbed, and the views of the desert from the top are indescribably beautiful. On the way back to camp, we visit to local camel herding family, experience the nomads lifestyle, taste some dairy products such as dried curd and homemade cheese etc. Stay overnight in Ger camp.
  • Day 4 - Bayanzag Flaming cliff via Dalanzadagad city, Umnugobi province
    Drive to Bayanzag- Flaming cliffs, which have been formed from the erosion of the sand and rock over many thousands of years. A lot of dinosaurs’ findings such as skeleton & dinosaur’ eggs have been found there. Stay overnight in Ger camp.
  • Day 5 - Ulaanbaatar city capital city of Mongolia
    In the morning after breakfast, Fly to Ulaanbaatar city. Arrival and transfer to your hotel. Free time. End of the tour.
  • Day 6 - Home sweet home
    Leave Ulaanbaatar. Our driver drop off to Chinggis Khan international airport. Thank you for visiting our country


Tour route
  • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
  • Day 2 - Ulaanbaatar > Dalanzadagad
    Distance: 520km
    Time: 2 hours
  • Day 2 - Dalanzadagad > Yol valley
    Distance: 60km
    Time: 1 hours
  • Day 3 - Yol valley > Khongor sand dunes
    Distance: 200km
    Time: 5 hours
  • Day 4 - Khongor sand dunes > Bayanzag
    Distance: 180km
    Time: 4 hours
  • Day 4 - Bayanzag > Dalanzadagad
    Distance: 50km
    Time: 2 hours
  • Day 5 - Ulaanbaatar > Dalanzadagad
    Distance: 520km
    Time: 2 hours
  • Day 6 - Home sweet home
    Distance: n/a
    Time: n/a
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