Nomadic cultural tour /7 days/ Option-2


Explore a different facet of Mongolia's history beyond the nomadic narrative. Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, once thrived as a pivotal point on the Silk Road. Uncover the remnants of this historical city, which, despite its impermanence, played a significant role in shaping Mongolia's past. While Karakorum's physical traces are scarce today, having succumbed to internal conflicts and repurposing for Erdene Zuu Monastery, the nomadic warriors of the steppe valued impermanence. In the Mongol Empire, lasting structures were few. Your journey in Karakorum offers a unique perspective, situated along a major Silk Road trading route. Immerse yourself in this setting, gaining insights into Mongolia's natural and human history. This experience serves as a bridge between the nomadic spirit and the historical legacy that defines Mongolia's diverse landscapes.

  • Category: Cultural and Adventure yours
  • Available: April yo October
  • Duration: 7 days, 6 nigths
  • Destination: Central Mongolia


A Chinese, English, or Russian-speaking Mongolian guide will accompany the group throughout the trip. The guide, a native Mongolian with extensive local knowledge, will cater to any requests, ensuring your holiday becomes an unforgettable experience.
For this trip, you have two options. The first is a high-level, latest model, air-conditioned private 4WD vehicle for maximum comfort during your touring days. The second option is a Russian 4x4 Van, operated by a driver with 20 years of experience.
In Mongolia, dining will take place at fine American, European, and Asian cuisine restaurants. The Mongolian diet primarily consists of mutton, beef, rice, and noodles, forming the basis of your meals. Trail rations may include vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, cheese, and occasionally yak! Some days will feature lunchboxes prepared by our cook.


Group size1 pax2-3 pax4-6 pax7-9 pax10-12 pax13-15 paxMore than 16 pax
Price/Per person2630$2080$1950$1880$1810$1750$1650$
NoInclude serviceExclude serviceInclude service of Meals
1Vehicle with a driver.Items of personal natureBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
2English speaking guideBeverages, alcoholic drinks, bar bills, laundryPer day 3 bottle water for per person /1,5 liter/
3Accommodation/Ger camps and Hotel/Travel and insuranceOne time Mongolian traditional food  /lamb with vegetables/
4Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerInternational transportation 
5All cooking and camping gears.Taxi 
6Airport shuttleOptional activities 
7National park and Other permits Single supplement /For hotel or Ger camp/ 
8 Gratuity for the tour team 



Trekking in Altai mountains /11 days/

Embark on a 11-day adventure with the Tavan Bogd trek, exploring the remote corners of Mongolia, the wildest country on Earth. This journey unfolds a tapestry of rich cultural experiences, guiding you through green meadows, icy gorges, clear lakes, rushing streams, lush alpine pastures, snow-capped peaks, and vast glaciers.

Orkhon valley, Horse riding tour /12 days/

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscape of the Orkhon Valley, riding alongside nomads and immersing yourself in the authentic Mongolian experience. This camping horse riding tour ventures into the remotest corners of the valley, offering the convenience of a support vehicle

Grayling or Harius, Fly fishing tour /10 days/

Explore the abundant fishing opportunities in Bayan-Ulgii province, where rivers and lakes teem with trout, salmon, and other freshwater fish. Whether indulging in fly fishing or ice fishing, the region promises a thrilling angling experience. The self-contained watershed of Bayan-Ulgii, draining into the Great Lakes depression of Mongolia, hosts five fish species