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Mongolia Travel FAQ

Here are the most common questions asked by our travelers. Please follow the links to get the answers. If you cannot find your answers, please send us your questions via email or on our Travel to Mongolia facebook page. We will email you back with your answer, and update it on our website for other travelers.

List of items you are required to bring to Mongolia when you travel. 
Trip clothes:
– Long flapped underclothes
– Firm pants 
– Warm socks: as many pairs as possible: pure wool socks are recommended since they dry more quickly
– Long flapped t-shirt, which protect your belly and kidney.   
– Sweater 
– Long Jacket to wear during windy and rainy days
– Even though you will be coming during the summer months, Mongolia is 2500m above sea level. The weather becomes cold after sunset and colder still at night.

International travel can be an exciting adventure but it can also bring many unpredictable situations, if you are not prepared for those situations they can quickly turn into life threatening situations.  We have put together this travel packing list to better help you plan your next trip.

Wha t to expect in this travel packing list; International travel usually requires a passport.  Most countries also require a visa and possibly even a work permit if you will be conducting company business for an extended period of time.  Visas, which allow you to enter and leave these countries, usually consist of special notations and stamps which are added to your passport by government officials. 

Mongolia Safety 
Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world. The policemen are quite friendly to the tourists. As a visitor you are unlikely to experience any serious problems. However, like anywhere else there are a few things that visitors should be aware of, things that will need extra care and attention. Foreign visitors are targets for a very small minority of thieves. Theft is seldom violent. Pick pocketing and bag slitting is most common in crowded places such as the black market, on buses or at tourist attractions such as Gandan Monastery and shopping places. Valuables should be kept in a money belt and kept underneath your clothing. Be careful about being seen with large amounts of money outside.

Mongolians get very surprised when a foreigner starts to talk to them, or at least says some words or short phrases, in Mongolian. From the Mongolian point of view, it is very nice that the Westerners visiting Mongolia try to speak some Mongolian with locals even though it is not so easy to pronounce Mongolian words or there is no serious reason to learn it. However, there are many foreigners who speak Mongolian very fluently and amaze locals. 

Here are some of the most frequently used words, phrases and simple sentences, useful for travelers. All entries begin with the English term, followed by original Mongolian and a pronunciation guide for English speakers.