Golden Eagle Festival 2024, Mongolia

Golden Eagle Festival 2024, Mongolia

The Golden Eagle Festival is a popular cultural event held in Mongolia that showcases the traditional hunting practices of the Kazakh nomads using trained golden eagles. Here's some information about the Golden Eagle Festival:


Annual Golden Eagle Festival will be held on 5th and 6th  of October, 2024 “Sary Kul” site of Bugat village of Bayan-Ulgii province.




Registration and credential of Eagle Hunters
Opening ceremony of Annual Golden Eagle Festival
Competition of best Kazakh costume, eagle and horse harness
Horse race
Competition of how eagles adapted to hanters
“Tenge Ily” competition(Traditional coin grabbing game while ride a horse)
Urainhai archery competition
Competition of the best Kazakh costume of couples
Folk concert in local theatre at Ulgii town

Competition of how eagles adapted to hunters “Shyrga tartu”(eagles will be qualified how fast and smoothly catch a lure that made of rabbit or fox skin)
Camel race
“Khyz khuar” game show(Traditional horse back riding fan game for youth, boys whipped by girls if they reached by them)
Continuation game
“Kukhbar” competition(Traditional horse back riding game fight over for goat skin)
Award ceremony for winners of festival
Closing ceremony


  1. Location and Timing: The Golden Eagle Festival takes place in Bayan-Ölgii Province in western Mongolia. It is usually held in October, during the prime hunting season when the golden eagles are most active.
  2. Cultural Significance: The festival celebrates the ancient art of eagle hunting, which has been practiced by the Kazakh nomads for centuries. The Kazakh people have a deep connection with their golden eagles and consider them hunting partners and companions. The festival provides an opportunity to preserve and showcase this unique cultural heritage to both locals and visitors.
  3. Activities and Competitions: The Golden Eagle Festival features various activities and competitions that highlight the skills and bond between the hunters and their eagles. These include eagle hunting demonstrations, where the eagles showcase their hunting abilities by catching prey, as well as competitions such as eagle speed and agility tests, best traditional Kazakh dress, and traditional horseback riding games.
  4. Cultural Performances: Alongside the eagle hunting competitions, the festival also includes cultural performances that showcase traditional Kazakh music, dance, and singing. Visitors have the chance to experience the vibrant Kazakh culture and enjoy the colorful performances.
  5. Interaction and Photography: The festival provides an opportunity to interact with the eagle hunters and learn about their way of life. Visitors can get up close to the eagles, observe their training techniques, and even have a chance to hold these majestic birds. It's also a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture stunning images of the eagles, hunters, and the beautiful Mongolian landscapes.