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Visa to Mongolia

Visa policy map


General visa information

Visitors from any country planning to stay in Mongolia for more than 30 days must register with the Mongolia Immigration Agency in Ulaanbaatar within the first seven days of arrival. Visitors who fail to register and who stay longer than 30 days, even for reasons beyond their control, will be stopped at departure, temporarily denied exit, and fined.Until 1997, individual tourists wishing to visit Mongolia needed a letter of invitation from either a Mongolian citizen or a foreign resident before being granted a visa. Since then the visa regime has been greatly liberalised with a resultant increase in tourism. There is no transit without a visa in Mongolia.

Mongolia previously had a temporary visa waiver for the citizens of 41 countries in place between June 2014 and December 2015.

Mongolia grants visa-free access to citizens of 23 countries and territories

Citizens of the following countries and territories do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 90 days.

  •  Belarus (4 Sep 2013)
  •  Brazil (21 Oct 2015)
  •  Georgia
  •  Kazakhstan (2 Mar 1994)
  •  Kyrgyzstan (4 Dec 1999)
  •  Macao (3 Jul 2004)
  •  Serbia (8 Nov 2013)
  •  Ukraine
  •  United States (6 Jul 2001)

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 21 days.

  •  Philippines (13 May 1994)

Citizens of the following countries and territories do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 14 days.

  •  Hong Kong (18 Jun 1998)
  •  Singapore (9 Mar 1990)

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia only if holding normal passports endorsed "For Public Affairs".

  •  China

Visa is not required by frequent visitors from  South Korea (4 times in 2 years or 10 times in total).

Holders of a confirmation of a pre-arranged visa can obtain a single entry visa on arrival, at Ulaanbaatar airport, provided their passport is valid for at least one year on arrival, arriving from a country without diplomatic representation of Mongolia and that sponsor in Mongolia submits request to the Mongolian Immigration Authority.

Diplomatic and official passports

Holders of diplomatic passports of Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria,Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Myanmar, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Turkey andVietnam.

Visa on arrival

Holders of a confirmation of a pre-arranged visa if their passport is valid for at least one year can obtain a visa on arrival.

Mongolian Embassies & Consulates


Embassy in Washington

Ambassador Mr. Kh.Bekhbat Embassy of Mongolia 2833 M Street, NW Washington DC 20007 USA Tel: 1-202-333-7117 Fax:1-202-298-9227 Fax:301-299-7712 E-mail: esyam@mongolianembassy.us Web site: www.mongolianembassy.us

Visa of Mongolia


Embassy in Moscow

Ambassador Mr. D.Idevkhten Россия г.Москва 121069 Борисоглебский пер.-11 Посольство Монгoлии Tel: 7-495-690-67-92, 7-495-244-78-67, 7-495-695-43-70, 7-495-2021353 Fax: 7-495-691-46-36 E-mail: mongolia@online.ru Web site: www.mongolianembassy.ru/

Embassy in Almaty

Ambassador Mr. Kh. Ayurzana Embassy of Mongolia, Kazakhstan Almaty ul. Musabaeva D 1, Tel: 7-7272-69 35 36, 7-7272-693570, 7-327-2293790, 7-7272-551278 Fax:7-7272-581727 E-mail: info@mongemb.kz

Embassy in Ankara

Ambassador Mr. O. Ochirjav Mogolistan Buyukelciligi (Embassy of Mongolia) A.Fethi Okyar sokak No.4, Oran, Cankaya 06700 Ankara, Turkey Tel: 90-312-4921028, 90-312-4921027 (консул), Fax: 90-312-4921064 E-mail: mogolelc@yahoo.com

Embassy in Beijing

Ambassador Mr. Ts. Sukhbaatar Tel: 86-10-6532-6512, 86-10-6532-6513, 86-10-6532-1810 Tel: 86-10-6532-1203 Fax: 86-10-6532-6216 E-mail: mail@mongolembassychina.org Website:www.mongolembassychina.org

Embassy in Bangkok

Embassy of Mongolia 100/3 Soi Ekkamai 22, Sukhumvit 63 Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: 66 2-381-1400, 02-392-1011 Fax: 66 2-392-4199 E-Mail: mongemb@loxinfo.co.th

Embassy in Berlin

Ambassador Mr. B.Davaadorj Botschaft der Mongolei Dietzgen-Str.31, 13156 Berlin BR Deutschland (German) Tel: 49-30-474806-0, 49-30-474806-14, 49-30-474806-13 (mobile) 98683215 Fax:49-30-474806-16, E-mail: 520025070730-0001@t-online.de Mongolbot@aol.com Website: http://www.botschaft-mongolei.de

Embassy in Brussels

Ambassador Mr. A.Battur Ambassade de Mongolie Avenue Besme 18, 1190, Forest Bruxelles Belgique (Belgium) Tel: 32-2-344-6974 Fax: 32-2-344-3215 E-mail: brussels.mn.embassy @telenet.be Website: www.embassyofmongolia.be

Embassy in Budapest

Ambassador Ms. O.Erdenechimeg Hungary 1022 Budapest, Bogar Utca 14/c, Hungary, Mongol Nagykovetseg Tel: 36-1-2124579, 36-1-3268558 Fax:36-1-2125731 E-mail: mongolemb@t-online.hu

Embassy in Cairo

Ambassador Mr. D.Bayarkhuu Embassy of Mongolia No.14, str 152 , MAADI, Cairo Egypt Tel/Fax: 202-23586012 Tel/Fax: 202-23591670 E-mail: monemby@link.net

Embassy in Canberra, ACT

Ambassador Mr. Ts.Jambaldorj Embassy of Mongolia 29 Cobbadan Street, O’Malley, Canberra, ACT 2606, Commonwealth of Australia Tel: 61-2-628 629 47 Fax:+61(2) 62866381 E-mail: mngemb@bigpond.com Web site:www.mongolianembassy.org.au

Embassy in Hanoi

Ambassador Mr. P.Sundev Embassy of Mongolia Villa No 6, Van Phuc Diplomatic Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: 84-4-384 53009 Fax:84-4-384 54954 E-mail: mongembhanoi@vnn.vn Website:http://www.mongembhanoi.com

Embassy in Havana

Ambassador Ya.Dolgorjav Embajada de Mongolia Calle 66 No.505, esquina a 5ta. A, Miramar, La Habana. Cuba Tel: 53-7-2042763 Fax: 53-7-2040639 E-mail: embahavana@ceniai.inf.cu , havana@mfat.gov.mn

Embassy in Kuwait

K.Sairan El-Kuwait, South Surra, Al-Zahra Area, Block 8, Street 806, Villa 161 Tel: (+965) 25216551 / 25216554 Fax: (+965) 25216557 E-mail: kuwait@mfat.gov.mn monembkw@yahoo.com

Embassy in London

Ambassador Mr. B.Altangerel Embassy of Mongolia 7-8 Kensington Court, London, W8 5DL United Kingdom Tel:(44) 207-937-0150, 7252 Fax: (44) 207-937-1117 E-mail:office@embassyofmongolia.co.uk Web site:www.embassyofmongolia.co.uk

Embassy in Ottawa

Ambassador Mr. T.Zalaa-Uul Embassy of Mongolia 151 Slater Street,Suite 503 Ottawa, Canada ON K1P 5H3 Tel: 1-613-569-3830 , 1- 613 698 9829 Fax:1-613-569-3916 E-mail: mail@mongolembassy.org consul@mongolembassy.org Web site:http://www.mongolembassy.org

Embassy in New Delhi

Ambassador Mr. V.Enkhbold Embassy of Mongolia 34, Archbishop Macarios Marg, New Delhi 110003 Tel: 91-11-24631728, 24617989 Fax:91-11-24633240 E-mail: mongemb@bol.net.in Web site: www.mongolindia.com

Embassy in Prague

Ambassador S.Tsoggerel Velvyslanectvi Mongolska Na Marne 5, Praha 6, 160 00 Ceska Republika / Czech Republic / Tel: 420 224311198, 420 224325760, 420 233326976 Fax:420 224314827 E-mail: monemb@bohem-net.cz, prague@emongolia.eu

Embassy in Paris

Ambassador Mr. Sh. Altangerel Ambassade de Mongolie 5, Avenue Robert Schuman 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt FRANCE Tel: 33-1-46 05 28 12, Tel: 33-1-46 05 23 18 (консул) Fax:33-1-46 05 30 16 Email: info@ambassademongolie.fr Web site: www.ambassademongolie.fr

Embassy in Singapore

Ambassador Mr. P.Gansukh Embassy of Mongolia 600 North Bridge Road. #24-08 Parkview Square, Singapore188778. Tel: 65-63480745 Fax:65-63481753 E-mail: consulmn@singnet.com.sg

Embassy in Seoul

Ambassador Ms. D.Gerel Embassy of Mongolia 33-5 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-210, Republic of Korea Tel: 82-2-794-1350, 82-2-794-1951, 82-2-798-3464, 82-2-749-1990 Fax:82-2-794-7605 Fax:82-2-798-3465 E-mail: mongol5@kornet.net Website:http://www.mongolembassy.com

Embassy in Stockholm

Ambassador Mr. B.Enkhmandakh Embassy of Mongolia Svärdvägen 25B 182 33 Danderyd Stockholm, Sweden Tel: (46-8) 753 11 35, (46-8) 753 11 36 Fax: (46-8) 753 11 38 E-mail: stockholm@mfat.gov.mn Website: www.stockholm.mfat.gov.mn

Embassy in Tokyo

Ambassador Mr. R.Jigjid Embassy of Mongolia 21-4 Kamiyama-Cho, Shibuya- Ku , Tokyo 150-0047 Japan Tel: 81-3-3469-2088, 81-3-3469-2195, 81-3-3469-2179, 81-3-3469-2162 Fax:81-3-3469-2216 E-mail: embmong@gol.com

Embassy in Sofia

Ambassador Mr. Ts. Gankhuyag Sofia 1113, ul.Frederic Jolio Curie 52, Embassy of Mongolia, Bulgaria Tel: 359-2-8659012 359-2-8665929 359-2-8659012 Fax:359-2-9630745 E-mail: mongemb@gmail.com

Embassy in Vienna

Ambassador Mr. J.Enkhsaikhan Botschaft der Mongolei Fasangartengasse 45, 1130 Wien Österreich (Austria) Tel: 43-1-5352807-0 Fax:43-1-5352807-20 E-mail: office@embassymon.at Web site: http://www.embassymon.at

Embassy in Vientiane

Ambassador Mr. T.Batbaatar Embassy of Mongolia Q.Wat Nak Km.3 P.O. Box 370 Vientiane Lao P.D.R Tel: 856-21-315220 Fax:856-21-315221 E-mail: embmong@laotel.com



Permanent Mission to UN in New-York

Permanent Representative Ms. O.Enkhtsetseg 6 East 77th street, New-York, N.Y.10021 USA Tel: 1-212-8619460, 1-212-4726517, 1-212-7373874 Fax:1-212-8619464 E-mail:mongolianmission@nyc.rr.com E-mail:mongolia@un.int Web:http://www.un.int/mongolia

Permanent Mission in Geneva

Permanent Representative and Ambassador Mr. L.Orgil Mission Permanente de la Mongolie 4, Chemin des Mollies 1293 Bellevue Suisse Tel: 41-22-7741974 Fax:41-22-7743201, 98680157 E-mail: mongolie@bluewin.ch Web: www.missionmongolia.ch

Permanent Mission to UN in New-York

Permanent Representative Ms. O.Enkhtsetseg 6 East 77th street, New-York, N.Y.10021 USA Tel: 1-212-8619460, 1-212-4726517, 1-212-7373874 Fax:1-212-8619464 E-mail:mongolianmission@nyc.rr.com E-mail: mongolia@un.int Web:http://www.un.int/mongolia

Russia, Irkutsk – Consul General Mr. A.Bazarkhuu

Россия 664003 Ген.Консульство Монголии Г.Иркутск, ул.Лапина 11 Tel: 7-3952-342447, 7-3952-342445, 7-3952-342295 Fax:7-3952-342143 E-mail: irconsul@irmail.ru

Russia, Ulaan-Ude Consul

Consul General Mr. G.Turtogtokh 670000 г.Улан-Удэ , Ул.Профсоюзная-6, Ген.Консульство Монголии Tel: 7-301-2-215275, 7-301-2-220499 Fax:7-301-2-215275 E-mail: mgcon_09@mail.ru

Russia, Kyzyl Consul

Consul Mr. D.Bazarsad Россия 667000, Ген.Консульство Монголии, г.Кызыл, Ул.Интернациональная-9 Tel:7-39422-20430 Fax:7-39422-20445 tel/fax E-mail: mongolconsul@tuva.ru

China, Huh hot Consul

Consul General Mr. Ts.Baasanjav Zhongguo Huhe Haote , Xinchenqu Wulanxiaoqu 5 hao Lou Menguguo Zhonglinshiguan Tel: 86- 471- 680 3540, 86 -471- 680 3541 86- 471- 6803542 Fax:86-471-4303250 E-mail: monconhh@gmail.com

China, Erlian Consul

Consul General Mr. S.Batkhuyag Zhongguo Erlian haote Weijian binguan er lou Tel: 86-479-7539200 Fax:86-479-7539200 Fax:86-479-7539202 E-mail: ereen@mfat.gov.mn elkd39200@public.hh.nm.cn


Consular officer Mr. Kh.Boldkhuyag Room 613, 8/4, Str. Gelyabova, Kiev-037 Ukraine Tel: 44-2091071 Fax:44-4596526 E-mail: consulmo@gu.kiev.ua

Brest, Blarus

Consular officer Kh.Boldbaatar 224024, Республика Беларусь. г.Брест. Перв Фортечный 12 Тел/Факс: 375-162-455548 E-mail: boldbaatar@mail.ru

Russia, Khalimag Republic

Consular representative Mr. U.Gonchigjav 358014, Республика Калмыкия, г.Элиста, АТО ”Город Шахмат”, коммедж № 4.2.2 Tel: 8 (84722) 6-17-36 Факс: 8 (84722) 6-17-36 Mobi: 88141001,89054090123 E-mail: mglelista@yahoo.com